cast glass sculpture

Since graduation from the College for Creative Studies in 2006, three themes have emerged in my more recent work:

  1. 1.An exploration of color enabled by dimensional form,

  2. 2.An absolute fascination with the land art of the 1970s, and

  3. 3.The role of process and chance in the creation of visual complexity.

This website illustrates these three “creative imperatives” in the form of new glass sculptures created during the last two-three years.

Check out especially the new 12 Cubes on Mars” (above), the “Cut Cube” Series and  “Archeological Series” (right).   “Blue Cut Cube - Winter” was featured on the cover of the April 2014 Art and Antiques Magazine -- see web reference below:


“Red Cut Cube - Autumn”, shown opposite is the latest creation in the “Four Seasons Series”

“Artifact No.2, Dover:  Flint and Chalk”, and “Ancient One”  are just to the right here.  Click on these pictures to see more of this newest series.  Both these new series can be seen under the “Series” tab.

Also, Look for me at the Habatat International Show this April in Michigan. 

                                                 JBWood February 2019

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Next Exhibits

  1. 1.JCC Bloomfield (March 22)

  2. 2.Habatat International (April 26)

  3. 3.University of Michigan (August)


Artist Statement

“Colors are forces, radiant energies that affect us positively or negatively, whether we are aware of it or not.”   - Johannes Itten

“Color is my day-long obsession, joy, and torment.”   - Claude Monet